blame it on my youth

life is short.
smile while you still have teeth.


//Brand New - Luca//
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Everything Love



When tree branches get in my way

Vine by: Logan Paul

How we manage to cram such genius in 6 seconds is beyond me. This is art.

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"There is salt water
pumping through your veins
and your eyes are the deepest parts
of the ocean
and last summer I went for a swim
but the current took me out too far
and I ended up twenty feet under gasping for air
this summer the ocean is calling me drunk at 3 am and I can’t give in
I can’t let myself sink to the bottom
and drown in you all over again"
you broke my heart and now you want another chance (via e-xhilrate)

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Daisies are my favorite flower 🌼
"What if you don’t complete the person that completes you?"

want more relatable?
"Sometimes you can only feel something by its absence. By the empty spaces it leaves behind."
Gayle Forman, Just One Day (via larmoyante)

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  • men: women who wear makeup are just lying to us
  • men: it's 8 inches
  • "Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you."
    "Drunk text me. Text me when the music is loud and there are girls dancing around you and you’re not quite coherent and you’re not quite yourself. Drunk text me that you love me or that you miss me or that I’m on your mind. Let the alcohol tell me all the things you won’t say sober."